Biofuels Consulting’s value on every project has been demonstrated through its unmatched experience in the renewable energy sector.  Biofuels Consulting also has experience in evaluating the impacts of regulations and government policy on bioenergy businesses.  We have analysed policy impacts and policy options for government and numerous other groups and organizations. Biofuels Consulting has extensive experience in evaluating markets for biofuels and new bio-based products. Studies include historic, current and projections for future market demand and pricing for biofuels and co-products. In addition, the evaluations include local, regional and national markets in the analyses. Biofuels Consulting has also conducted economic impact studies for numerous projects in Canada and the USA. In these studies, Biofuels Consulting determined the impact the proposed biofuels plant construction and operations would have on the regional and provincial economy.
    Biofuels Consulting has evaluated the impact on state balance of trade; value added to agricultural products, increased investment in plant and equipment, job creation and other fiscal impacts due to increased biofuels production within a province or state.

    Biofuels Feasibility Studies and ProjectsEthanol feedstocks studied include: Corn Sugarcane and sugarcane molasses Sugar beets Grain sorghum Sweet sorghum Barley Wheat Potato waste Triticale Cellulosic feedstocks Agricultural Residues Sugar beet molasses Fruit Processing Waste Municipal Solid Waste

    Biodiesel/HDRD (Hydrotreated Renewable Diesel) Biofuels Consulting has completed biodiesel and HDRD (Hydrotreated Renewable Diesel) feasibility studies for projects in Canada and the United States. Biofuels Consulting has developed a database of biodiesel production technologies and market data similar to our ethanol database. Feedstocks for biodiesel studied include: Soybeans Palm oil Corn oil Canola Mustard seeds Rapeseeds Fats, oils, and grease Various recycled or “waste” feedstocks Algae 

    Biomass Biofuels Consulting has over 20 years “hands on” experience in the conversion of lignocellulosic biomass to fuels and chemicals. The Consulting team is staffed with researchers and engineers with extensive biomass research and applications experience. Biofuels Consulting has performed numerous cellulosic ethanol feasibility and risk assessment studies which have considered various feedstocks as well as different technologies. From feedstock collection and composition to fermentation and thermal operating parameters, Biofuels Consulting has a depth of understanding of the entire unit operations involved in biomass utilisation.